Nature/weather photo-shoot -Addy (Tuesday)

So one of my favorite things in life is Nature and weather. I mean who doesn't love nature? :) Anyways here are some pics that I took of the surroundings of my life. :)
So pretty much it's very overcast and cold outside, (I also took these photos like this last Sunday aka January 25 :)

                                      My experimenting with photography :) How'd I do?
                                          The fence that goes into our pasture :)
                     The chickens....the rooster attacked me.....again :)
  The cloudy overcast sky...and the chicken coop...
 My camo tennis shoes and ripped up jeans :)
  Our horse...Her name is Flicker....And she grew her winter coat...
       ............The fence.....
  I love her! She is so beautiful!!!!
 The view of the city and our neighbour's tree farm.
                                                                     The sky
                                          The swing attached to the tree we climb..and the view again of the tree                                                                                   farm and city.

Well thanks for reading! I hope you liked it! What's it like when you photograph overcast days? If you want, you can tell me what your favorite photo is.


Jordy's Hobby

What? Jordy, you have hobbies other than obsessing and eating Nutella?
Yes, yes I do. Frankly, I'm rather offended now.
^This was the conversation I had with myself this morning^

Okay, so in all seriousness. I think my biggest hobby would have to be photography. I am not anywhere close to being stupendous with my camera, but I think for only having it since July, I've excelled fairly quickly.

                                                                 (these photos all belong to me)

What are some of your hobbies?


Sports and Hobbies-Lydia (Thursday)

Hey everyone! So this weeks theme is sports and hobbies. Now, I don't really do any sports, but I do love...

-Eating xD

LOL, sorry, but I do love eating. And who doesn't love Nutella?!

Hope you all enjoyed my post, see you next week! 


Hobbies and Sports - Lydia Therese


Sorry I have not posted in awhile. I was having a little trouble with my email. But I'm here now, so, yay! XD

Anyway, I don't really do any sports except tennis, but I've only taken tennis LESSONS. I'm not on a team. I so really enjoy it though.

I do play some instruments, though! I just started piano and violin. I haven't learned any songs on the violin yet. I can play three songs on the piano. here are some pictures I took of my violin a while ago:

I also like sewing. I've made a doll skirt, doll quilt, and a full-sized blanket. 
So, that's it! Thanks for reading! :)


Sports and Hobbies-Jessica

Hey everyone!

Sorry I didn't post on Monday, we had a birthday in the family on Tuesday, so we were all busy getting ready for that.

Anyway, this week's theme is to describe a sport or hobby that you have, and I couldn't decide between my two favourites, so I've decided to write about both of them.

First, I love sewing. I have made some clothing for myself before, but I mostly enjoy sewing outfits for my 18" dolls, Melody and Ruthie.

I don't have any right now, but if you'd like me to, I can take and post some photos of some of the things I have sewn over the years.

The second is dancing. I've always been a dancer, and started Irish dancing lessons last year, which I really enjoyed. This year I'm taking tap as well, and I can't wait to start learning!

I know there aren't any photos for this post, but I'm in a hurry because we're about to have dinner, so I'll try and put some on tomorrow.


Sports -Tuesday Addy

Hello! I'm so so so sorry that I haven't been able to post in a while! I've really busy with school starting, housecleaning, and things like that. Anyways...you can tell by the title that this week's theme is SPORTS!!!!! I love sports. So I will tell you the hobbies and sports I enjoy doing;

So for Christmas I got a skateboard! Since then I've fallen in love with it, and it is a bit cold out to skateboard outside so I practice inside my dining room :) This summer I'm gonna really love learning tricks and things like that on it. I'm not that good at it yet, but it has become my favorite outside sport/hobby, I'm still learning the balance and how to steer it around but I love it.
Some of the tricks I'd like to do!

(I'm saving my money for a really nice skateboard for when I've learned how to do this stuff really good :)
I also love rollerblading! It is great exercise!
I love bike-riding!
I also like playing basketball at home. I'm very good at it but it's still fun.
I like playing foot-ball with my older brothers.
I'm hoping this year to learn a lot more things like; karate, survival, archery, dancing, gymnastics, and more! (I know it's a lot but I can dream can't I? :) jk.

Well I hope you liked it! Thanks for reading!


Christmas Haul-Jessica

Hi everyone!

(Oh yeah, and this obviously isn't Monday, but I needed to get caught up :)

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, we were away for a while, and only just got back and had Christmas.

Before I begin this, I'd like to say that I'm not in any way or form trying to boast about the gifts I got, or say anything about getting more than other people. I was certainly blessed with some lovely gifts this year, and am very grateful for them, so please don't bother saying anything about me being spoilt.

Here we go!

First, I got a tiara from my parents. I've been needing one for a while now to wear for dance concerts, and was borrowing one from my teacher, but now I won't have to!

From Hamish, I got this adorable wash-style tape. There are two more rolls but I can't find them right now, so I just showed these ones.

From my parents I also got this lego Joker. He did come with another lego "card" as well, but unfortunately I lost it (I seem to be good at that lately.). I wanted the Joker because of a silly joke between me and a friend, and I thought it was pretty cute anyway. I now have 3 lego mini figures, and this one is definitely  my favourite!

From Gretchen I got these pretty Frozen activity cards. The one of Elsa is my favourite.

My parents also gave me a Spotlight gift card. I don't know exactly what I'll use it for yet, but I'll let you know when I do!

Gretchen gave me a packet of this writing paper. I used to have stacks of this kind of paper, it's so cute with the little fairy and unicorn!

Liesl gave me a pad of paper she had decorated with an Irish good luck kind of theme. I'm going to be using this a lot!

From one of my Aunts and Uncles, I got this pretty note pad with sticky notes in it, a pen and a bookmark. I've been using them all a lot!

Penny gave me a pretty red felt rose hairclip that she made herself.

Some of my other relatives gave me a scratch-art kit. It has 4 different pictures that start a little like the first one, with just the outlines and main bits filled in. Then it has instructions on what patterns to fill everything else in with, and what to scratch off (it has a little stick to do this with), finishing somewhat like the one underneath. I've been having a lot of fun with this.

I also got this book. I've finished reading it now, and it was quite good.

My parents gave me this book. I'm about half-way through it now, and am really enjoying it!

And last but not least, my Grandparents gave me this Klutz paper fashions book.

It comes with some trimmings, beads, sequins, glue and mini coat hangers. (there is also a packet of blue and green beads and sequins, but it's not shown in this photo)

This is an example of what you can make with the kit. There are stencils for the doll and the dress. I changed the doll's hair a bit, and added a few details and made the dress using things I already had, but it's the same general idea.

It comes with three sheets of stencils.

And an envelope of pretty paper for the "fabric" to make everything out of.

One of the sheets had most of the patterns printed on it in thin strips for trims and stuff, so I thought it would give you a good idea of what kind of paper is in it.

And that's all I got. I hope you had a really good Christmas as well! Make sure to comment and tell me what gift you liked best out of all the ones that you got.